It’s not climate change — it’s everything change

The author Margaret Atwood on how to survive the future

“Unfortunately, like every other species on the planet, we’re conservative: we don’t change our ways unless necessity forces us. The early lungfish didn’t develop lungs because it wanted to be a land animal, but because it wanted to remain a fish even as the dry season drew down the water around it.”

Margaret Atwood | Matter

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‘I’m no longer afraid’

The stories of 35 women assaulted by Bill Cosby 

“Still, the culture of silence and shame lingered, especially when the men accused had any kind of status. The first assumption was that women who accused famous men were after money or attention. As Cosby allegedly told some of his victims: No one would believe you. So why speak up?”

Noreen Malone and Amanda Demme | The Cut

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Jaws and me

On our relationship with sharks

“Far to the south I spot thousands of silhouettes — Cape gannets raining from the sky. The explosive sound of these large, arrow-shaped seabirds plunging into the ocean is akin to a ringing dinner bell, luring sharks from miles away by alerting them to the presence of schools of smaller fish. The birds have stopped diving by the time I arrive.”

Thomas P. Peschak | Maptia

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Death at the Elvis museum

The story of Paul Macleod: a bomb from a bygone era waiting to explode

“Unease gripped me from the moment I stepped out of the van; the place resembled an outpost at the end of the world…There were surely more perilous ways for a black man to spend a Sunday night in northern Mississippi, but I had not gone looking for those. I had gone looking for Paul MacLeod and his home, Graceland Too.”

Brandon Harris | The Guardian

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Chasing James Bond’s hummingbird

Hunting for the world’s smallest bird in Cuba

“The Bay of Pigs Invasion occurred right here at La Bahía de Cochinos itself in 1961 when El Chino was 4 years old. Today the Zapata Swamp is this dankly peaceful, foliose preserve where El Chino lives his bird-obsessed life unscathed, and the contest of the day is to find a particular iridescent bird.”

Ross Kenneth Urken | Nautilus

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Anatomy of a murder

Investigation into the killing of Pakistani human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud

“By that time, he confesses, he had taken part in 20 major and minor “operations” in Karachi. These include an attack – just eight days before Mahmud’s assassination – on American academic Debra Lobo, who taught at a college in Karachi, bank heists to put together money for their hit-and-run activities…”

Naziha Syed Ali and Fahim Zaman | The Herald

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A dream undone

The 50-year campaign to roll back America’s Voting Rights Act

“Democrats throughout the South responded to the growing influence of black legislators with a brutal effort to suppress the black vote, enforced by the Ku Klux Klan and its many paramilitary imitators, who kept blacks from election polls at gunpoint and whipped or lynched many who resisted.”

Jim Rutenberg | The New York Times Magazine

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The God quest

On our relentless drive towards immortality

“Is Aubrey de Grey a charlatan? For all the artful self-promotion, he genuinely seems to believe not only that he is on to something but that his ideas are of humanitarian importance. He is nothing if not sincere in thinking that to slow and ultimately reverse ageing is an obligation that science is failing dismally to fulfil.”

Philip Ball | New Statesman

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Why you can’t trust journalism

Why ‘data hoarding’ isn’t only a problem for science

“Anything which had been taken out of the piece, anything I had learned along the way but which had not actually been published – anything which might make the story even the tiniest bit more complicated than the final edited article – about all of that I was to be careful to say absolutely nothing at all.”

Felix Salmon | Fusion

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Building Bloodhound

Inside the British team building the world’s fastest car

“At the outset of the project, the only single jet engine with the power-to-weight ratio needed was the Rolls-Royce Eurojet EJ200, the power unit for the Typhoon fighter. And even then, it was obvious that to send it through the sound barrier the effort would have to use a second propulsion system—a rocket.”

Stuart Nathan | IEEE Spectrum

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You may know me from such roles as Terrorist #4

Muslim-American actors discuss typecasting in Hollywood

“”There’s a scene where he’s talking to his students about Afghanistan. One of the students raises his hand and says something like, ‘Uh, professor, they’re all fanatics, so why don’t we just kill them all?’ And the Chuck Norris character goes, ‘Now, now. They’re not all bad.’ And I thought, ‘Wow! A nuance!'””

Jon Ronson | GQ

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Ride or die

A fascinating deep dive into the state of the music business

“What is the underlying value of music? Did streaming erode this value or correct it? What’s the logic behind streaming royalty models and where are its flaws and decencies? How can it be improved? After 15 years of declining consumer spend, it’s time to stop focusing on what was or “should” be. Industries don’t rebuild themselves.”

Liam Boluk | REDEF

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