How did the Syria veto go down in China?

Chinese public reaction divided on the country’s veto of the UN resolution on Syria…


Russia and China seem to have voted with their own interests in mind  in their recent controversial opposition to a draft resolution at the UN Security Council, which calls on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to stop the killings in his country, a revision of an earlier draft calling on Assad to relinquish power.

China justified its decision to veto the draft resolution, saying it wants to promote peace in Syria, and Russia claims to hope for a diplomatic approach to resolving the conflict in the country. As FireDogLake writer David Dayen pointed out:

The fact that Russia still supplies arms to the Syrian security forces clearly weighed heavily on the vote today.

Unrest in the country has led to an estimated 7,000 deaths since March last year, with more than 200 lives lost in a massacre earlier this week.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the People’s Daily tabloid Global Times, made today what is perhaps one of the most vocal statements in support of China’s decision to veto the draft resolution, ending up under heavy fire in the comments section. Taking offense at Susan Rice‘s reported “disgust” at China’s vote, Hu confuses her with Condoleezza Rice but also writes:

The American representative has criticized China and Russia for their “betrayal” of the Syrian people. Whatever. America has vetoed a number of Security Council propositions dealing with Israel with a lone vote. China and Russia’s “veto” now was done with two votes. Yeltsin said it best: As long as China and Russia stick together, the most America can do is play with itself. Awesome.

Almost as a sort of response, writer Ran Yunfei wrote shortly after that:

A government can be forgiven for making one mistake, but it becomes unforgivable when making mistakes becomes a legacy. I’m not a nationalist, but a hundred years of history has proven that China and Russia have never done anything right by sticking together.

One “verified” commentator on Sina Weibo (China’s answer to Twitter) wrote early Sunday morning Beijing time that Russia and China ought now to be removed the Security Council and China replaced by Taiwan; that post was quickly deleted.

Sorry world, sorry Syria, we Chinese have an evil government. —Michael Antion Twitter.

A horrific video that was posted, however, purportedly of the massacre Thursday in Homs, has not yet been deleted and has gathered hundreds of comments across the different spaces on which it’s been embedded. At Sina Video, where it’s currently being hosted, the most recent comment reads:

Damnit, what the hell is our country doing?

Written by John Kennedy

An edited version of this article originally appeared at Global Voices Online