Syria using world’s heaviest mortar in Homs

New evidence suggests huge anti-bunker rounds are being used in civilian areas…

Fragments of mortars recovered from the assault on Homs suggest the Assad regime is using the Russian-made ‘Tulip’ weapons system, according to Human Rights Watch researcher Peter Bouckaert.

  • The system fires the heaviest mortar of any conventional army, a 240mm round that packs more than 70 pounds of explosive, with a range of 20km
  • By comparison the US army’s heaviest mortar is 160mm
  • The Tulip system is designed for use against dug-in positions, and so its use against a civilian population would be considered a war crime if the reports are correct
  • It has previously been used by the Russian army during its assault on Grozny, when much of the Chechen city was reduced to rubble

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