Leaving the mic on: Obama’s blunder

US President tells Russia’s Medvedev he’ll have a freer hand after re-election…


© Mika Stetsovski


Barack Obama joined (for the third time) a notable list of world leaders who inadvertently engaged in private conversation without realising their microphones were still on.

Speaking to Russia’s Dimitry Medvedev, he revealed that he expected things would be easier for him in his final term in office, when he wouldn’t again need to campaign for re-election:

Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

Obama’s Republican rivals and conservatives in America have of course jumped on the slip as evidence of a hidden agenda that will only be revealed after the election.


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